Brittany's Divine Arrangement
We got engaged on Feb 14, 2018 at the Signature Room in Chicago, IL. The day started like this: On Wednesday (Valentine's Day) we both got off from our jobs and met at his house where we got dressed to go out for dinner. As we were parking the car, we were just discussing how much we mean to each other and expressing our love for each other.
We were eating the four course meal and on the dessert plate in chocolate drizzle was "Will you marry me?" I didn't notice the words at first and when I did, he was getting on one knee and proposed to me. 
Both of us were so full of love and adoration for each other that when he was done asking me to marry him the entire section of the restaurant was clapping and had tears! All of my friends and family members knew he was going to propose except me, it was a blessing! We were meant to be! God is the only reason!
Wow-- congratulations on your engagement!
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