Samantha's Army Man

Mar 23, 2018
Samantha's Army Man
John and I met on August 5, 2015. On our one year anniversary he took me to our special place and asked me to be his wife. Johnny is a retired United States Army veteran that was injured overseas. Getting down on one knee is not an easy task for this man.

Anyway, he had me face out into the water as I felt him trying to find the ring that he had so carefully tucked away so I wouldn't see in his pocket. Then he turned me around and when I faced him he was down on his knee and had a ring in his hand. It was a beautiful time---very sweet and romantic.

When that was over he took me for a romantic dinner on a boat and when the waiter came over he had a dessert on a plate and on it spelled congratulations. He had ordered it prior to us even getting there. He set it all up for me. We spent the night walking around the city, it really was a beautiful and magical moment.

I really am a lucky girl and can not wait to be his wife.

Congrats on your engagement, Samantha & John! And thank you for your service!
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